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Who is the Man Behind Archegos, the Fund That Recently Rattled Wall Street?



Target Hits a New High – and Isn’t Done Yet

TikTok owner ByteDance may be a much bigger company than many are saying. Turns out, if they go public, they could be bigger than Twitter or Coca-Cola. And those are both huge stocks to compete against…

The housing market is going crazy right now. The inventory of available homes for sale is at a record low, making competition steeper and prices higher. It’s getting so nuts that one home in Washington DC had 88 offers in just 3 days…

Earlier in the pandemic, KFC had to drop their “finger lickin’ good” catchphrase because, well, no one could lick their fingers anymore. They’ve decided to have a bit of fun with it lately, trying out catchphrases from other brands on social media. They made sure to say it was all in good fun (probably because they don’t want to get sued)…



The Archegos Capital Fiasco Caused Big Losses on Wall Street – and This is the Man Behind It All


Why are Two ETFs Managed by Cathie Wood Investing More into DraftKings?

A Union Vote Will Take Place at an Amazon Facility This Week – Here’s What Workers Voting Against It Have to Say

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